Frequently asked questions

What operating system does DisCVR work on?

DisCVR has primarily been developed and tested on Windows OS but it has been adapted to also work on MacOS and Linux. It has not received as much testing on the latter two operating systems.

What specifications does my computer need to have?

DisCVR has been designed with the standard windows desktop in mind which has limited RAM. Your computer should have at least 4Gb RAM.

How do I do validation on a mac?

Usually Mac users don’t have a right mouse button, which can make it tricky for getting the pop-up box with the read/k-mer mapping options. Usually you can get the option on a mac by holding down the ctrl key and pressing on your mouse or by two finger clicking on a trackpad.

Why is my read mapping returning no coverage?

We have found that under some circumstances on some operating systems (usually macOS), if there is a space in the path to DisCVR and/or a space in the path to the fastq files, then the read mapping is unsuccessful.